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Professional info

​Felicia Jackson is a Pepper and wants everyone who passes by her to be a Pepper too.  As a contractor for Dr Pepper, this single mother has secured herself not only a lucrative deal with a major soft drink maker, but also has a spot next to the SEC Network's game day broadcasts on major university campuses.  Once a Pepper, always a Pepper.


Motivational Speaking

Project Management

Brand Enhancement


Customer Service

Cleaning Service


Work​ experience

Dr Pepper/Contractor



The Dr Pepper Ten Initiative required Felicia to provide event set-up and sample 1200 cans of Dr Pepper product per day for six weeks.  Upon completing the Initiative, her efforts were rewarded with the opportunity to sample at major universities next to the SEC Network's game day broadcast. Felicia is a Pepper and wants all who pass by her to be a Pepper too.




​Peanut Depot/Marketing Director



​Felicia pitched an idea of creating a Ms. Peanut Mascot to enhance the brand and increase clientele for the Peanut Depot, a business which thrived on walk in clientele. Felicia was able to add delivery service and implement a marketing strategy to expand the business and increase sales by 20 percent.


​UAB Civitan Center/Research Assistant



​Felicia started as an Intern researching teen pregnancy and child neglect under Dr. Sharon Ramey.  The longitudinal study required Felicia to form relationships within the Jefferson County Health Department to maintain teen recruitment and retention of study participants.  Felicia managed a caseload of 60 study participants and insured data was accurately recorded and documented for Faculty.

University of Alabama at Birmingham



​Felicia received an athletic scholarship to attend UAB.  She led UAB to their first ever NCAA Sweet-Sixteen appearance.  Prior to graduation, she interned with UAB's Civitan International Research Center where she worked for seven years total researching Teen Pregnancy and Child Neglect via the “First Time Parenting Study.”  Mentor Sharon Ramey inspired Felicia to be an Entrepreneur and prompted her to start ReMe LLC. 

Bachelors of Arts
School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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